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     I am a mobile app/game developer with five published titles so far. I also have extensive IT experience. My background is 3D animation and game development. My focus is on creating unique game designs and then executing them. I also do creative writing on the side as well and have begun my first independent writing project. I started writing a fantasy novel with anthropomorphic characters (minotaurs, lion men, etc...) It is the potential start of a trilogy.


     A quick update, I just recently started back into writing. After suffering a few family deaths in 2015, being let go from my job and other personal issues, I had zero motivation to write. Luckily, things turned out much better in 2016 and 2017 has been a great year so far. I have just been very busy with work, house renovations, family, etc., that I did not have time to write. I just redid this site in order to make it responsive, since most people view websites on their mobile devices. Below is a brief writing exercise I did in a writing group to get the creative juices flowing about a year ago:


Below is a sample writing exercise I completed at the last Meetup with words we needed to incorporate into the story:


Event - Embarrassed About Something

Setting - Diner

Character Trait - Stinginess

Object - Chainsaw

Time - Just Got off work

Main character - An Average Joe

Problem- Corpse

Emotion - Angry


John was an Average Joe who worked as an auto mechanic in town. He had long straight black hair and a 5 o'clock shadow forming on his face. He was a formidable man in terms of size and measuring about 6'2 tall. He had just left work and decided to travel to the local diner for a bite to eat before heading home to watch Monday Night Football. John was known for being stingy when it came to paying for his meal. He usually did not leave a tip, and unfortunately for him, this night was going to end very differently. The server at the counter was a young kid in his early twenties who had just picked up the job to pay for college expenses. He had known about John and his cheapskate ways for a while now and was getting tired of never getting a tip for his service. He collected the receipt as John was walking away and was visually frustrated that there was no tip added yet again. He yelled at John and called him a miserly bum. John was embarrassed that this server was mocking him in front of the few local customers sitting at the counter and decided to take matters into his own hands. As he walked out of the diner, he raised his middle finger to the server and proceeded to his raggedy old Ford F-150 truck that was parked on the side of the aluminum clad building. He reached into the bed of the truck and pulled out an old chainsaw that he had borrowed from a friend to cut down some shrubs in his backyard. John quietly walked back to the diner and stalked his prey like a cheetah ready to pounce on a gazelle. The server was bent down cleaning a table on the right hand side of the entrance with his back facing the mechanic. John quickly pulled the ignition rope on the chainsaw and began sawing the server's head off. The other customers were caught by surprise, but froze in horror at the atrocity occurring before their eyes. The server's body quivered through death throes and screams mixed with gurgling sounds could be heard as he suffocated on his own blood. The body slumped to the floor and the head hit the linoleum floor with a sickening thud. A crimson pool began to form where the contorted body touched the floor. John's face was covered in arterial blood and had a look of sickening pleasure at the deed he had just participated in. He dropped the chainsaw on the floor and had a moment of clarity about what had just occurred.



Death Knell Chronicles: Redemption

Welcome to JuanElias.com, my personal website for my upcoming novel, Redemption. Feel free to browse and learn more about myself, the book, a sample excerpt of the story so far, and check up on my progress.

Death Knell Chronicles: Redemption
Death Knell Chronicles: Redemption
Death Knell Chronicles: Redemption
Death Knell Chronicles: Redemption
Death Knell Chronicles: Redemption